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Weld Certification Director

Automating the Weld Verification Process

What does it do?
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Weld Certification Director

Altair's Weld Certification Director (WCD) is a combination of a base software with customer specific additions and integrated services that allows engineers to accelerate the time taken to identify and analyze the performance of weld lines against mechanical requirements. Fully integrated in the HyperWorks environment, this intuitive solution provides an automated approach to determine weld line fatigue performance and identify areas of concern in the early stages of design.

The Weld Certification Director enables engineers to focus their efforts on interpreting results data rather than the mechanics of setting up models which may contain thousands of weld lines. The solution automatically identifies weld lines across multiple joint types, enabling engineers to quickly run a complete evaluation of all the weld lines in a structure and to check for potential performance issues. These verifications can be done based on standard regulations or customer specific methods.

Allows your engineers to focus efficiently on assessing critical weld lines against mechanical requirements rather than the highly time consuming mechanics of setting up the model.


  • Checks for fatigue issues throughout a structure and across multiple joint types
  • Identifies and classifies weld lines across an entire structure
  • Provides a consistent and efficient method to run a full weld line verification process

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Have products with many weld lines and want to understand their influence on product performance
  • Need to perform weld line certifications
  • Want to allow the engineer to focus on the interpretation and understanding of critical results

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