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Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Director

Streamlining the Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Process

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What is the C123 Process? C123 is a unique three stage concept development process where each stage deploys optimization technology to analyze various design decisions and determine the best one. Learn more

Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Director

A multi-disciplinary optimization (MDO) approach allows you to explore all design requirements simultaneously and achieve lighter products, faster. Until now, enabling this process on live vehicle programs has been a challenge. Altair's MDO Director is a novel set of software tools that provides a process to rapidly set up, execute, post-process and explore the design of MDO problems with gauge variables. Designed to ensure that your existing CAE processes can remain unchanged, the MDO Director can be tailored to be fully compatible with your design processes and environment, and thus, tailored to be integrated in a simulation-driven product design environment. Fully integrated into the HyperWorks software platform, the MDO Director provides a semi-automated process to reduce the complexity of MDO set up, enabling teams to drive the design to program timescales within a user-friendly environment.
Altair supplies tools, methodologies and processes to support the complete product development process, starting with Altair C123 during the early concept phase and MDO from concept to the end of development.


  • Active management of vehicle design balance

  • Increased maturity of design

  • More informed design decisions

  • Reduction of development risk

  • Supports innovation by allowing for consideration of larger design changes


Step 1: Model Synchronization Step 2: Optimization Problem Setup Step 3: MDO Execution & Monitoring Step 4: Optimization & Design Exploration
Step 1: Model Synchronization Step 2: Optimization Problem Setup Step 3: MDO Execution & Monitoring Step 4: Optimization & Design Exploration
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  • Provides a platform for synchronization of simulation models for different attributes

  • Enables rapid setup of multi-disciplinary optimization problems

  • Facilitates material gauge DOE and optimization studies

  • Supports design exploration within product development

  • Minimizes computational effort

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