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Model Mesher Director

Streamlining Complex Model Pre-Processing Activities

What does it do?
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Altair's Model Mesher Director (MMD) is a fully integrated, user-friendly solution that empowers engineers to import & modify geometry and mesh models with specific mesh criteria automatically with the power of Altair HyperWorks tools. Company’s face the challenge of analyzing ever larger and more complex models. This added complexity has the potential to negatively impact the design cycle time. As a result, analysts need to ensure that the model meshing process takes place rapidly and consistently across design teams. The MMD is designed to reduce modeling time by allowing the user to quickly perform a range of pre-processing activities. By streamlining time-consuming modeling tasks, analysts can concentrate on more value added activities, spending more time investigating analysis results and providing design insight.
"The Changan Chassis Structure Automation Tool that Altair developed for us has transformed the way we design automobile components. Before, our engineering team would dedicate weeks to model pre-processing; today, we can automate almost all of the setup, which has cut that time down to a few days, and allowed our workforce to focus on innovating in other important areas."
–Chinghui Chiang
CAE Engineer, Changan Automobile US


  • Reduces model pre-processing time by 60%
  • Embedded into HyperMesh
  • Provides a process-centric approach to streamline the tasks associated with pre-processing
  • Accelerates model meshing activities and automatically creates 1D connections
  • Allows 1 click material assignment through an intuitive user interface

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Frequently build and iterate upon complex models

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