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Geomechanics Director

Expedites Mechanical Earth Modeling & Decision Making

What does it do?
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Altair's Geomechanics Director (GeoD) allows engineers and scientists, especially in the Rock Mechanics and Geology groups at Oil and Gas companies, to build finite element models from subsurface geology quickly and efficiently. Fully integrated into HyperMesh, this user-friendly solution provides process guidance and a semi-automated approach for importing tessellated surface geology, cleaning up the model, organizing stratigraphically, assigning properties and creating boundary conditions.

In addition, the GeoD also offers a variety of post-processing tools to study near-wellbore and field wide effects for efficient recovery of hydrocarbons. The use of GeoD should help minimize the financial and environmental risks associated with Oil exploration and extraction.

Solution Highlights

  • Captures best practices in the Mechanical Earth Modeling and associated post-processing
  • Provides accurate FE representations of subsurface geology
  • Generates an interactive overview result table and highlights critical results
  • Automates repetitive model building tasks and complex post-processing calculations
  • Flexible framework allows to extend to advanced analyses such as design exploration
  • Reduces the geomechanic model building time by about 70%

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Routinely conduct numerical Geomechanic simulations such as rock mechanics and Geology teams in Oil and Gas companies.

The Geomechanics Director can take a 2-3 month model building process down to 3-4 weeks, increasing the productivity and efficiency of Oil & Gas companies.

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