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High Performance Geometric Description

Focus on your design exploration with Flux 2D/3D, not on the simulation tool

Flux solves for the requested physics and provides one with multiple ways to scrutinize the solution, and to review the success of the idea.

Flux 2D/3D has revolutionized the way that you can get the right answers

Flux is a pioneer in the development of FEM formulations. Please consider reviewing the following areas where Flux has revolutionized the way that you can get the answers at your fingertips:

  • Flux parametrics

  • Mesh capabilities

  • Fast & Robust solver

  • Post-processing

  • Software interoperability

Benefit from 2D, 3D or skew specific simulation environment

In order to provide you with the best simulation results in the shortest amount of computation time, Flux development continues to uncover formulations for both 2D and 3D specific activities independently.

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