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Flux: An Easy and Flexible Mesh Generator

Flux 2D/3D advanced mesh capabilities
become a mesh expert in 1 click with Flux

Flux 2D/3D: advanced mesh capabilities for every user level

Flux boasts the most versatile range of possibilities for generating the mesh used in FEM simulation.

Using Flux non meshed coils modeling enables dramatic computation time reduction without losing accuracy

Automatic initial mesh in Flux 2D/3D

An ideal feature for Flux users. You will be able to generate in one click the same mesh as an advanced FEM specialist. It assesses the shape and nature of each component within your model and provides a reasonable mesh density and quality automatically.

Keep mesh control with Flux mesh tools

Possibility to overload automatic mesh with classic Flux mesh tools (mapped mesh, linked mesh) providing a lot of flexibility (skin depth mesh with mapped mesh, mesh copy for periodic patterns,…)

Possibility to duplicate geometry and mesh using various transformations in order to save time in your modelling.

Expert mesh

62 000 nodes for the complete geometry

Automatic mesh obtained in 1 click

34,000 nodes for the complete geometry. Enabling taster and more accurate result!

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