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Flux Applications for Sensors

Flux features many tools to speed up the simulation and get the most accurate results, for both electromagnetic and thermal computations:

  • Geometry building facilities such as 2D sketcher and 3D modeler, CAD imports or model reduction thanks to symmetries and periodicities

  • Meshing facilities such as aided mesh allowing to quickly and easily mesh the finite element domain

  • Tools for easy definition of the physics: material database, non meshed coil, eddy currents

  • Advanced embedded electrical circuit editor including switches, inductors, capacitors, coil and solid conductor components to take into account the load and the drive of the device.

  • Electromechanical coupling to take into account the motion of the device during the computation (mass, friction, drag force, spring stiffness…) as well as to compute all mechanical quantities (speed, position, force…).

  • Different simulation methods (steady state multi-position computation, constant speed or transient response) to study any configuration of the device.

  • Using latest couplings, Flux 2D/3D will easily include the accurate Finite Element model of the sensor into a system simulation to simulate a complete sensing system.

  • Example of sensors » Current sensor, Position & proximity sensor, Speed sensor, NDT

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