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Flux Applications - Rotating Machines

Flux is the leading 2D and 3D Finite Element package for motor design, for a fine motor analysis.

Flux is the leading 2D and 3D Finite Element package for motor design, for a fine motor analysis. Based on many years of experience with industrial and academic leaders, we offer a full suite of tools to render complexity simple, realistic and accurate, for all types of motor machines. Flux is reputed for its accuracy and its capability to take into account different levels of requirements at the various design stages, including drive and control to test the dynamic interactions for a better system prediction. To go further into physics analysis, there are some dedicated applications with electromagnetic analysis but also thermal or vibro-acoustic analysis, and of course powerful optimization.

Flux density in an induction machine with Skew rotor.

  • Geometry building facilities such as import of objects and copy of geometry, mesh and parameters

  • Advanced electric circuit with dedicated components to model brushes, squirrel cage…

  • Rotating kinematic coupling to take into account the motion of the machine (inertia, friction, drag torque…) as well as to compute the mechanical values (speed, torque, position…)

  • Skew model enables taking into account 3D effects, avoiding full long 3D analysis thanks to 2,5D models

Thermal analysis Flux: A finite element solution dedicated to thermal analysis of electric machines.

  • Fast geometry building from Flux electromagnetic project

  • Choose your convective coefficient to define your cooling options

  • Comprehensive results analysis: temperatures and heat flow displayed on regions, transient graphs

Vibro-acoustic analysis – Flux offers an efficient dedicated context to compute and export magnetic pressure to mechanical environment in order to analyze mechanical structures.

  • 2D, 3D and Skew modeling capabilities.

  • Visualization of results with display of electromagnetic forces distribution for each computed harmonic on mechanical nodes.

  • Deliver electromagnetic forces as data inputs for mechanical environment (MSC NASTRAN or LMS Virtual Lab).

The powerful and robust optimizer which will enable to boost user’s simulation performance, according its constraints. Automatically coupled to Flux 2D, Skew or 3D, including screening or sensitivity analysis, robustness analysis. Efficient parametric analysis highly accelerated with distributed computing.

Drive & Control: the transient behavior of an electric machine is widely dependent on its drive. Modeling then both the machine and its drive gives a better prediction of the behavior. The association of Flux (for transient electromagnetic computation) and system simulator like Compose / Activate or MATLAB/Simulink for drive and control enables to take into account saturation and eddy currents as well as motion and control loops within the same simulation run for 2D & 3D analysis.

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