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Flux Applications for Heat Treatment

As a leader in induction heating simulation for more than 20 years, Flux has developed numerous formulations and tools to precisely model inductive, conductive and dielectric heat treatment. In order to precisely account for the temperature influence of heating phenomena, Flux features a strong coupling between magnetic and thermal computation, both for 2D and 3D simulations. This coupling generates a strong interaction between magnetic and thermal fields.

All the material properties (linear or non linear) may indeed depend on temperature variations:

  • Magnetic and electric properties (permeability, resistivity)

  • Thermal properties (thermal conductivity, heat capacity)

  • Exchange conditions (convection, radiation)

Flux will then loop until both magnetic and thermal characteristics account for the actual temperature present in the device.

Flux is the best tool to optimize processes and devices, by using multiparametric possibilities on 3D geometries. Indeed, Flux multiparametric solver allows any parameter to vary (geometric dimension, mesh, materials, sources, frequency) in one computation and thus makes it possible to solve various configurations in only one run.

Electromechanical coupling in 2D and 3D makes it possible to take into account of the motion of a part during the computation (scanning).

Thanks to Flux circuit coupling capabilities, users may model the source for the inductor more precisely: voltage or current sources, passive components (resistances, inductances and capacitors), solid or stranded conductors.

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