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Flux Applications for Actuators

For a fine design and analysis of any actuator (voice coil, electromagnet, protection relay…), Flux package features many tools to speed up the simulation and get the most accurate results, for both electromagnetic and thermal computations.

Flux offers a fully integrated solution that brings together building facilities, electromechanical coupling, multi-parametric solving and impressive post processing capabilities.

  • Geometry building facilities, including model reduction thanks to symmetries and periodicities
  • Physics definition: material database, non meshed coil in 3D, Eddy Currents in 2D and 3D
  • Automatic mesh
  • Advanced embedded electrical circuit editor to model the drive of the actuator
  • Electromechanical coupling in 2D and 3D to take into account the linear and rotating motion of the actuator during the computation (mass, friction, drag force, spring stiffness…) as well as to compute all mechanical quantities (speed, position, force…).
  • To optimize an actuator, for instance to minimize the losses in the actuators, to reduce the response time or to meet a force vs stroke curve, Flux features a multi-parametric solver allowing any parameter to be varied (geometric dimensions, mesh, material properties, electrical source, time…) and solving various scenarios in only one run.
  • The actuator and its drive: the latest couplings allow integrating the actuator in its mechatronic environment and improving its drive, enabling to account for saturation and eddy currents (thanks to Flux) as well as motion and control loops within the same simulation run.

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