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Benchmark Cases - Cylindrical shell axial buckling

  • ESAComp can be used for designing straight and conical composite tubes with a circular cross section. The performance of the structure can be studied under various condition.
  • ESAComp provides an extensive data bank for commercial material grades. Laminate designs can be based on the readily available materials or the user can define his/her own material systems.
  • In ESAComp, the model creation is easy and fast. The engineering effort can be directed to laminate design rather than finite element modeling.
  • The benchmark study [1] involves the stability analysis of an axially loaded thin-walled composite cylinder. The linear static analysis results of ESAComp correlate very well with the published data.
  • Reference:
    [1] Hühne C. et al., A new approach for robust design of composite cylindrical shells under axial compression, Proceedings of the European Conference on Spacecraft Structures, Materials & Mechanical Testing 2005, SP-581 - September 2005.

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