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Altair Automated Reporting Director

Enterprise reports, definition, auto-creation and publishing

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Automated Reporting Director

Altair Automated Reporting Director (ARD) empowers engineers by removing the non-value add tasks associated with the mechanics of report generation. Engineers can focus entirely on interpreting and understanding simulation results as opposed to manually creating required reports. ARD is an invaluable tool to use whenever an engineer has the need to create, exchange, or present simulation result reports internally and externally. ARD is highly tailored to best practices. It is independent of industry, product type or simulation result type (e.g. stress, fatigue and/or vibration). Altair's solution reduces time and costs while enhancing performance and standardizing reports across an enterprise.

“[The Automated Reporting Director] has cut down 4 hours of cropping and adjusting pictures to about 20 minutes work.”
–Scott Janowiak
Senior Numerical Simulation Engineer, MAHLE

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  • Decreases report generation time by up to 80%
  • Automatically creates single pages for each result and group combination in HyperView
  • Generates an interactive overview result table and highlights critical results
  • Exports results to PowerPoint and allows addition of animated gifs
  • Runs in batch mode
  • Is solver independent

Ideal for Organizations that:

  • Perform frequent reports to document models and results
  • Want a standardized appearance for their reports
  • Want to allow the engineer to focus on the interpretation and understanding of critical results


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