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ThermoFlo Overview

ThermoFlo applies 1D component-based modeling for thermal and fluid flow analysis with capabilities for solving thermal and flow problems for many different industries and applications.

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Showcase Video: ThermoFlo Short introductory video illustrating various features of ThermoFlo Thermal Management System software package. This video presents the ThermoFlo modeling approach using the software GUI and describes how complex mathematical expressions can be used to define any parts behavior.
ThermoFlo uses a 1D Systems modeling approach which allows the user to use a component based approach rather than creating a full 3D model. These components can be based on empirical, testing, or other data. This approach allows for rapid prototyping and testing for interchanging different components in a system or for tweaking properties of the model and its components. Unlike in the 3D approach, geometrical changes are potentially as easy as changing a single value in the model. However, if a more detailed component is desired, ThermoFlo allows for incorporating 3D models into the system of other 1D components.


  • Thermal and fluid flow analysis software

    • Heat Transfer Analysis

    • Pressure Drop Calculation

  • Uses a 1D system modeling approach

  • Uses component based approach

    • Components based on:

      • Empirical Correlations

      • Testing

      • Any other tabular or functional data

  • Rapid Modeling and Simulation

    • Interchange different components in a system

    • Tweak model properties

    • Easily change geometrical values with a single click

Accurate and efficient analysis of today’s vast array of thermal system components requires:

  • A variety of modeling techniques

  • Seamless coupling of component models using different methodologies

  • The ability to switch from one modeling approach to another

  • Ease of use, so it will be used

Industry Applications


ThermoFlo is a thermal and fluid flow analysis software package that is applicable in any industry needing thermal analysis. ThermoFlo is used in the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Defense, Electronics and Emerging Energy Technologies

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