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HyperView New Features

What's new with HyperView 2017 ? Watch the video to see what's new in the most recent release of HyperView.

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The 2017 release boasts improved usability. The Model Build and Assembly capabilities of HyperMesh have found their way into HyperView with the introduction of parts and includes as entities in the model browser. Also notable are improvements for various interfaces and video overlay capabilities. Read on to learn more.

  • Load multiple results files for a single model. This is particularly helpful when you are running simulations with different loads on the same model. Derived results can be calculated from results across these files.

  • Minimum distance between nodes, elements or components can be measured and plotted over time.

  • New option lets you calculate mid-side node results if these values are unavailable in the results file.

  • Result-math provides new composite failure theories, such as Yamada-Sun, Hashin and Puck.

  • Legend and UI Enhancements: edit the legend directly on the screen; edit values directly from the legend; adjust Iso-contour plots via a context menu and slider; view parts and include files in the model browser.

  • Video overlay: zoom the image plane with the model and inspect the quality of alignment; crop images during alignment; track the image plane as you would track models for easy overlaying and animating at the same time.

  • Latest result file formats are supported.


On screen editing of legends and iso-surfaces
On screen editing of legends and iso-surfaces

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