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HyperCrash New Features

What's new with HyperCrash 2017 ? Watch the video to see what's new in the most recent release of HyperCrash.

View all HyperWorks 2017 New Features See all the HyperWorks new features available in this release. Go to the New Feature Library
Drag & Drop Options

Drag and drop a solver deck on the HyperCrash display window to activate import options: Replace, Merge, and Compare.

*Available for Windows

Basic View

Smart solution simplifies your card definition by exposing only selected attributes in the Entity Editor.

Column Attributes Display

Smart solution exposes selected solver keyword attributes in a column inside the browser, and enables the sorting of selected attributes.

This icon opens the attribute list window:

Model Comparison

Load two models and compare the entity fields between the models. A dedicated browser auto corrects the differences.

Solver Keywords Templates

Available for all panels, this option lets you define default parameter values for solver cards. New cards are automatically set up with the values specified. The default values are saved locally in .xml preference files and can be shared in a specified location as defined in the Preferences > Template Settings.

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