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WinProp - ProMan

ProMan is the most important tool of the WinProp software suite because ProMan includes wave propagation models for different scenarios and network planning simulators for various air interfaces.

ProMan combines wave propagation and radio network planning

Wave Propagation Different Scenarios, 2D and 3D Models, Empirical and Ray-Optical
Network Planning Planning & Simulation, Coverage & Capacity, Cellular & Broadcasting

Simulation Projects

ProMan is used to define/edit the settings of the simulation project:
  • Selection of the scenario (rural, urban, indoor, tunnel, etc.)
  • Selection of the required (pixel and/or vector) databases and the parameters of the databases can be modified (e.g. clutter losses, clutter heights, material properties, etc.)
  • Definition of simulation areas: Prediction areas (incl. multiple heights), resolution of the results matrices, size and orientation of the (arbitrary) prediction planes, etc.
  • Definition of the properties of the air interface
    (only relevant if network planning modules are used)
  • The properties of the mobile stations are defined
    (only relevant if network planning modules are used)
  • Sites, transmitters, and antennas are set and their properties
    (Tx power, carriers, antennas (location, radiation pattern, tilt,azymuth), cable losses..) are defined
  • The propagation model is selected and all parameters of the propagation model can be edited in ProMan
  • The type of results to be predicted can be selected from a list with all possible results
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ProMan: Project Settings

Simulation Results: Display and Evaluation

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ProMan: Indoor Scenario: Result browser and 3D result view

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ProMan: Urban Scenario: Result browser and 3D result view
  • Display of result maps (matrices) in 2D and 3D
  • Mouse tools to zoom, edit, rotate, ...
  • Display of propagation paths in 2D and 3D
  • Display of directional channel impulse responses for all pixels in the simulation area
  • Statistical evaluations of result maps (histograms, pdf, cdf, ...)
  • Masks and filters to analyze and/or manipulate specific areas
  • Evaluation along user-defined routes in result maps (virtual measurement routes)
  • Differences between predictions and measurements (incl. difference plots and statistical values)
  • Display settings to control the visualization (legend, thresholds, colors, symbols, text outputs on maps, etc.)
  • Additional layers with graphical elements drawn by the user can be displayed together with the simulation result maps
  • Export of result maps to other data formats (e.g. Google Earth) and export along polygons into ASCII files

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