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Modules & Specifications


ESAComp supports the following machines/platforms:

  • Windows (32 & 64-bit) for Vista and Windows (7, 8 & 10)

  • Linux (64bit) for SLES10/SLES11 and RHEL5/RHLE6 on X86-64

Available Modules

ESAComp Main Module: Includes the materials database and the whole range of composite analysis and design capabilities from ply/laminate level to structural elements, all under a unified user interface. Export to different solver profiles supported by HW. Advanced post-processing of FEA results through the HW interface.

Cylindrical Shell Add-On: A fully integrated module of ESAComp that allows the analysis of cylinder, cone or tube like structures with circular cross section. Applicable, for instance, for pressure vessel, pipe, mast, and driveshaft design.

Stiffened Cylindrical Shell Add-On: A further extension of the cylinder module that allows definition of axial stiffeners and ring stiffeners in the cylinder. Applicable, for instance, for aerospace structures like launchers.

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