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Altair HyperWorks 7.0 CAE Software Suite Sets New Standard for Batch Meshing and Visualization Speed

Michael Kidder

Altair Engineering, Inc.

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Latest Release Now Available for Linux and Itanium Platforms

TROY, Mich., October 12, 2004 - Altair Engineering Inc. a global leader recognized for innovative product development and advanced engineering software today announced the public release of Altair® HyperWorks® 7.0 - the next generation of its innovative computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software suite to develop highly engineered products.

Altair HyperWorks 7.0 - The Engineering Framework for Product Design™ - débuts batch meshing technology, breakthrough CAE visualization speed advancements, new solution types and broader manufacturing considerations for its award-winning design optimization software, and the addition of extrusion process simulation software. The HyperWorks open-architecture design has also been greatly expanded to include Linux and Itanium platform support as well as direct interface support for CATIA V5 and new CAE solver interfaces.

"HP has worked closely with Altair Engineering, a Tier One CAE partner, to support the HyperWorks 7.0 release," says Jeff Wall, HP Global CAE Alliance Manager. "Our goal was to develop tuned, high performance computing solution sets tailored for the CAE community. The result is a broad and powerful CAE solution set for Itanium, PA-RISC, Opteron and Xeon based architectures as well as Linux and HP-UX operating environments," Wall adds.

"HyperWorks 7.0 further demonstrates Altair's long-standing commitment to deliver best-in-class CAE technology with an open architecture and programmable environment," said Jeffrey M. Brennan, vice president for Altair's commercial software business line. "The technology advancements in CAE from Altair yield tangible productivity benefits to our customers in a host of industries worldwide. Manufacturing companies specifically looking for a competitive edge in material savings, design performance and shorter time-to-market continue to work with Altair technology because of our demonstrated value in today's analysis-centric design process," Brennan added.

HyperWorks 7.0 New Functionality and Technology:

Altair® HyperMesh® Batch Mesher - Automated Batch Meshing Technology
Batch Mesher is a new product, available through Altair HyperMesh finite element pre- and post-processing technology, which enables large scale meshing of parts with automated CAD model cleanup and minimal user input. This new technology dramatically increases end-user modeling efficiency while providing the foundation for batch processing in model development activities in both local and distributed computing environments.

"Batch Mesher has significantly accelerated our modeling cycle-time. It combines geometry cleanup and Quality Index optimized meshing to generate surface meshes for complex geometries with minimal user-interaction. The job queue and monitoring functionality within the Batch Mesher has also allowed us to parallel-process our meshing jobs - enabling our staff to focus on more value-added engineering activities." - Mechanical CAE Team, SDC, Motorola Electronics Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Altair® HyperView® - FEA/MBD Visualization Technology
HyperView is a complete post-processing and visualization environment for finite element analysis (FEA), multi-body dynamics (MBD) system simulation, video and engineering data. The speed of importing and visualizing CAE/MBD results, on both UNIX and PC platforms, has more than doubled over the prior release and leads the industry. HyperView allows engineers to interrogate analytical results at a new level, perform comparative performance studies and quickly generate engineering reports providing sound design direction to product teams.

Altair® OptiStruct® - Design Development and Optimization Technology
Altair OptiStruct is award winning design technology, based on finite element methods, that generates structurally optimal design proposals for specific methods of manufacture. This technology, unrivaled in the industry, is most commo

About Altair Engineering

Through product design consulting, advanced engineering software and high performance computing technologies, Altair Engineering increases innovation for clients around the globe. Founded in 1985 and privately held with offices throughout 11 countries, Altair's unparalleled knowledge and expertise in product development and manufacturing extend throughout North America, Europe and Asia. As the developer of Altair® HyperWorks® - The Engineering Framework for Product DesignTM, Altair is the leading provider of high-end, open CAE software solutions for modeling, visualization, optimization and process automation. The company’s grid computing software, PBS ProTM, is a workload management solution for high performance computing environments, LINUX clusters and desktop cycle harvesting that delivers an ROI within one year. For detailed information about Altair, visit www.altair.com

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