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MAGNA STEYR Selects Altair Engineering as Strategic Partner for CAE Data Management

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Böblingen / Graz, October 5, 2005 - MAGNA STEYR and Altair Engineering have formed a strategic partnership for CAE data management. The management of data that accumulates during the numeric simulation and analysis of components and product groups represents a constantly-increasing challenge for future product development. While in the geometry data (CAD) sector the use of data management systems (PDMs) corresponds to the state of current technology, this topic is one of the greatest tasks for simulation in the future. CAE is becoming a driving force in the product development process and the number of variants and case studies to be simulated is increasing significantly. The resulting data must also be managed continuously and efficiently with respect to distributed development environments.

In the course of this cooperation, the commercial data management software HyperWorks Data Manager (HDM) will be developed further taking into account the requirements of MAGNA STEYR. Starting with the current HyperWorks Version 7.0-SP1, HyperWorks Data Manager has become an essential part of the extensive product family. Here the concern is both the actual data management and the incorporation of this data management into existing and newly-created, automated CAE processes. An important component here is the interplay between the HyperWorks Data Manager and the existing software environment.

"We sought out Altair as our strategic partner for this topic after an intensive evaluation phase. With its existing solutions and product development, Altair was able to demonstrate a clear CAE data management strategy that was compatible with MAGNA STEYR," reports Helmut Ritter, department director of information management and PLM director at MAGNA STEYR FAHRZEUGTECHNIK.

The solutions arising in the context of the cooperation will be made available successively for all of Altair Engineering's HyperWorks clients.

"We are very pleased to have found a partner in MAGNA STEYR who has many years' experience in the PLM sector and whose demanding and complex requirements steer our software development in a future-oriented direction. With Altair's technology and MAGNA STEYR'S many years' expertise, a solution is being developed further that will cover many requirements and thus secure our customers a competitive advantage," says Jürgen Petit, Managing Director at Altair Engineering GmbH, which is headquartered in Böblingen. Dr. Jochen Seybold, who is responsible for the process automation and data management department and is the project director for this project adds: "Even in the specification phase for this project, all participants were confronted with challenges with which none of the project partners had previously concerned themselves. Based on our many years' experience with CAE process automation projects, it was possible to find flexible and creative solution approaches that also fulfill MAGNA STEYR'S very complex requirements.

About Altair Engineering

Altair Engineering provides more than 2500 clients worldwide with innovative solutions in the form of consulting services, product development software, and high-performance calculation technologies. Altair is a privately-held company founded in 1985 with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia that has unique expertise in the areas of product development and manufacturing. Altair's focus is on the constant further development of Altair® HyperWorks®, a top-drawer open CAE software suite for modeling, visualization, optimization, and process automation. For additional information, see the Altair Web site at www.altair.de.

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