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Altair Engineering Recognizes Lehigh University and UC, San Diego, for Innovation in Vehicle Design at 2006 Formula SAE®

Diane Forbes
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William R. Adam Engineering Award encourages forward thinking and ambitious design goals.

TROY, Mich., (July 11, 2006) - Altair Engineering, Inc., a leading global provider of technology and services that strengthen client innovation and decision-making, today announced that it presented Pennsylvania’s Lehigh University with the William R. Adam Engineering Award at the 2006 Formula SAE® (FSAE) competition held from May 17 through May 21, 2006. At the first 2006 Formula SAE West, held June 14 through 17, Altair presented the University of California (UC), San Diego with the Adam Engineering Award. The Formula SAE event was held this year in Ford Motor Company’s Romeo, Mich., proving grounds. The FSAE West competition was held at the California Speedway in Fontana.

Initially conceived in 1981 as a road-racing counterpart to the established SAE mini Baja®, FSAE has grown more than 20 times its original size in terms of both cars and participants. The award recognizes and rewards teams that have invested time and effort into developing new and innovative engineering concepts in vehicle design. Honorable mentions were given to Texas A&M University, the University of Toronto, the Royal Melbourne (Australia) Institute of Technology and Michigan State University. The winner of the Adam Engineering Award at the 2005 FSAE competition was the University of Western Australia in Perth.

"This competition represents the future of innovative vehicle engineering," said Michael Heskitt, Altair’s vice president of Global Engineering. "Top engineering students from all over the world are challenged here to take risks to fully develop new concepts, while adhering to sound engineering principles, exhibiting sound reasoning and properly executing the development process. Altair is proud to reward their efforts."

Representatives from Altair - an FSAE Silver Sponsor - judged the contestants based on the degree of innovation, the engineering processes used and the effectiveness of those processes. In addition, judging is based on realistic engineering demands, including timing, cost, relevance to target market, production feasibility and ease of use. Altair provides free Altair® HyperWorksTM licenses to all FSAE teams. HyperWorks - the computer-aided engineering framework for product design - is the industry-leading analysis and optimization software used by major automotive manufacturers worldwide.


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