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Altair’s HyperWorks Unlimited Private Cloud Appliance Earns Intel Cluster Ready Certification

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Pre-configured HPC appliance for computer-aided engineering now certified for ease of setup and use

Troy, Mich., April 3, 2014 – Altair today announced that its HyperWorks Unlimited™ appliance for computer-aided engineering (CAE) has been certified as Intel® Cluster Ready, verifying the product’s status as a plug-and-play solution for high-performance computing (HPC).

HyperWorks Unlimited is a fully managed, state-of-the art appliance designed to reduce the time and cost associated with enabling HPC for high-end engineering. The product includes pre-configured HPC hardware and software, with unlimited use of all Altair HyperWorks® CAE applications as well as PBS Works™ HPC workload management software.

“Achieving Intel Cluster Ready status is another proof point verifying how elegantly HyperWorks Unlimited is architected for installation and usage,” said Ravi Kunju, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Altair. “With Intel Cluster Ready certification, users can be certain the solution is ready to perform. Customers simply wheel in the appliance and turn it on – all our HyperWorks design software is immediately at their fingertips for unlimited virtual exploration, with the solid platform of PBS Works to manage workloads and interact with resources. By its design, business model, and support structure, HyperWorks Unlimited eliminates the complexity of HPC adoption for computationally intensive engineering, regardless of the size of the company, increasing the flexibility and scalability of information technology (IT) investment.”

Developed with hardware and software vendors, Intel Cluster Ready is a program that lets users match HPC applications to today's leading platforms and components. Pre-configured Intel Cluster Ready solutions are delivered ready to run, so users can get more simulations done faster. The Intel® Cluster Checker is a key element of the Intel Cluster Ready validation process and helps to verify that cluster components continue working together throughout the cluster lifecycle. This increases uptime and productivity while reducing total cost of ownership.

“IT departments supporting critical engineering projects, such as virtual car crashes or aircraft design testing, need the freedom to focus on purchasing the configuration that best fits their application workload, without being experts in HPC architectures and worrying whether the components will work together. Intel Cluster Ready gives them that assurance,” explained Dr. Stephen Wheat, Technical Computing Group, Intel Corporation. “With this Intel Cluster Ready certified CAE appliance from Altair, engineering teams can realize HPC benefits faster, increase productivity and see higher returns on their HPC investments.”

Altair and Intel discuss the Intel Cluster Ready certified HyperWorks Unlimited appliance while profiling a success story for an automotive manufacturing client in an online webcast.

For more information about HyperWorks Unlimited, including system specifications and a product data sheet, please visit http://www.altair.com/hwul/.

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