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New Feature in Altair’s RADIOSS Solver Slashes Computation Time for Eigenvalue Analysis

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Jennifer Korail
Airfoil Public Relations for HyperWorks

AMSES dramatically speeds NVH simulation for the auto and aerospace industries

TROY, MICH., June 28, 2012 – Altair Engineering, Inc., today announced the availability of an automated multilevel substructuring eigenvalue solver (AMSES) that dramatically cuts the time required to compute eigenvalues for analysis in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) simulations. AMSES has been released as an update to HyperWorks 11.0, Altair’s suite of computer-aided engineering software tools, and is part of the RADIOSS finite-element solver. It is an especially important innovation for the automotive and aerospace industries, where engineers need the capability to optimize larger models and manage full vehicle simulation. In addition, AMSES is provided under the standard Altair HyperWorks license with no additional cost or HyperWorks Unit draw.

AMSES, which runs on both the Windows and LINUX operating systems, computes eigenvalues for fully connected as well as unconnected structures in NVH simulations while dramatically reducing the analysis time. For example, Van-Rob KIRCHHOFF Automotive, a tier-one automotive supplier headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, worked with Altair to apply AMSES to the design of instrument panel structural assemblies. For one phase of the work, the run time for calculating eigenvalues was reduced from its previous 3.75 hours to just half an hour on an eight-core PC.

“As we continue to be more closely engaged with our automaker customers in the earliest of their design phases, it will increasingly involve further CAE collaboration and interaction with far more complex models and shorter time frames to work within,” said Van-Rob CAE Supervisor Sacheen Bekah. “Using AMSES we have seen tremendous improvement in computing time and with no additional cost. We are extremely pleased with the product, Altair’s tech support, and having these kinds of tools and others within the HyperWorks product suite at our disposal.”

While for extremely large NVH simulations where AMSES can reduce day-long run times to just hours, the real advantage is in optimizing a vehicle component or system. Engineers may need as many as 20 iterations, requiring about 3.5 hours each. AMSES reduces that run time to just 30 minutes each—an exponential time savings. This allows the optimization to be completed in a single day.

“The new AMSES eigensolver is a key technology that shows again Altair’s commitment to deliver solutions that drive the product development process through simulation,” said Detlef Schneider, Senior Vice President of Altair’s Solver Products. “AMSES provides a significant speedup in solution time, which enables users to run studies and numerical optimizations in the same amount of time it once took to run just one analysis in the past, and finally deliver optimized products in terms of performance and robustness in shorter time.”

AMSES is another advancement in Altair’s development of the most sophisticated multi-physics solver platform in the industry. RADIOSS in HyperWorks 11.0 can perform new types of analyses, including response spectrum, complex eigenvalues, and pre-stressed normal modes, as well as material and geometric non-linear implicit analysis. RADIOSS now provides a breakthrough in performance with an advanced mass-scaling technology and a new multi-domain implementation that increases the speed and accuracy of detailed explicit simulation.

Registered HyperWorks users can download AMSES from the Altair HyperWorks software downloads site, using their current HyperWorks units.

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