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Jaryba and Altair Expand Partnership with SmartSuspend™ Support for HyperWorks and Altair License Manager

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Richard Bayless
Jaryba, Inc.
(775) 384-8439

Integrated solution enables priority-based scheduling and lossless job suspension for optimized CAE workload management

Jaryba’s SmartSuspend™ integration with Altair’s PBS Professional® workload manager now supports Altair’s LM-X-based license manager, and Jaryba has validated the integration with Altair’s HyperWorks® suite of CAE applications and solvers. Expanding upon the previously established strategic technology partnership between Jaryba and Altair, this integration provides an end-to-end solution for priority-based workload management and lossless job suspension. Focused on enhancing the capabilities for greater grid, cloud and cluster utilization, SmartSuspend™ enables more efficient resource usage and enhanced dynamic scheduling by enabling license suspension along with job suspension. Jaryba SmartSuspend™ combined with PBS Professional and HyperWorks satisfies the market’s need for a secure, efficient, and optimized CAE software workload management solution.

Reno, Nevada (PRWEB) May 02, 2012 -- Jaryba, Inc., a leading software provider for maximizing high-performance computing (HPC) resources, today announced the integration and support of Altair’s full suite of products, including HyperWorks® and Altair License Manager based on LM-X, with Jaryba SmartSuspend™, a safe, secure and lossless workload suspension capability.

The solution expands upon the existing integration of SmartSuspend™ with Altair’s PBS Professional®, a leading workload management product, by adding support for Altair’s licensing technology and validation with the HyperWorks suite of applications and solvers. As a result, computer-aided engineering (CAE) users now have a solution for lossless workload preemption, for better utilization of design and solver software with virtually no performance overhead.

“This announcement highlights our ability to work together not only to understand the challenges and demands facing the HPC community, but also to deliver a solution that is seamlessly tailored to meet these evolving needs,” said Rick Bayless, COO of Jaryba. “Our customers report that SmartSuspend has achieved upwards of 25% faster turnaround times on high priority workloads without jeopardizing lower priority work or software license usage. By adding support for Altair’s leading CAE and workload management suites, we are satisfying the market’s need for a comprehensive, optimized solution for CAE workload management.”

The integrated solution extends SmartSuspend’s capability of releasing software licenses during job suspension to support Altair’s LM-X-based licensing technology, thus providing HyperWorks users the ability to take full advantage of their software licenses by avoiding license waste while jobs are suspended.

“This integration means Altair customers can harness the full power and efficiency of SmartSuspend with PBS Professional and our HyperWorks applications,” said Sam Mahalingam, Altair’s senior vice president of enterprise products. “When Altair users need to suspend a job for higher-priority work or other reasons, they can suspend not only the CPU but also the memory and software licenses – they receive all of this back to reutilize while the job is suspended. This is a true enhancement to the overall solution, helping users increase overall license utilization and thus the value of both their software and hardware.”

About SmartSuspend
Jaryba SmartSuspend enables companies to more efficiently manage high-priority workloads. This is accomplished by using lossless preemptive scheduling, which releases all resources being held by a preempted job, while preserving all of the workload’s completed work as well as the value of the resources expended running up to the point of preemption. This capability also enables the consolidation of interactive and batch jobs.

About HyperWorks
HyperWorks, a platform for innovation, is a comprehensive simulation solution for rapid design exploration and decision-making. HyperWorks provides a tightly integrated suite of best-in-class tools for all facets of the simulation process: modeling, analysis, optimization, visualization, reporting and collaborative knowledge management. Leveraging a revolutionary pay-per-usage licensing model, HyperWorks delivers maximum value and flexibility for customers worldwide. For more information, please visit www.altairhyperworks.com.

About Jaryba, Inc.
Jaryba is a leading provider of enterprise software for maximizing the utilization of hardware and software
assets in clouds, grids and HPC clusters, which enables companies to reduce operation and capital expenses while maintaining the desired application Quality of Service. Companies around the world rely on Jaryba SmartSuspend to manage the use of server resources and software licenses for interactive and batch workloads, PaaS and SaaS cloud providers, cloud-hosted applications and databases. Jaryba is headquartered in Reno, Nevada. More information about Jaryba is available at www.Jaryba.com. Jaryba, the Jaryba logo, Jaryba SmartSuspend, and SmartSuspend are registered trademarks of Jaryba, Inc. and Altair, Altair Engineering, PBS Works and PBS Professional are registered trademarks of Altair Engineering, Inc.

About Altair
Altair Engineering, Inc., empowers client innovation and decision-making through technology that optimizes the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information. We are the only company to create HPC solvers and simulation applications, deliver HPC management tools, and use these applications and tools to solve real HPC issues. Privately held, with more than 1,500 employees, Altair has offices throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. With a 26-year track record for high-end software and consulting services for engineering, computing and enterprise analytics, Altair consistently delivers a competitive advantage to customers in a broad range of industries. To learn more, please visit www.altair.com and www.simulatetoinnovate.com.

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