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Altair Engineering and SAMTECH Join Forces to Provide Integrated Finite Element Solution

ALTAIR Media Contact:
Jennifer Wilt
Airfoil Public Relations on behalf of Altair Engineering

SAMTECH Media Contact:
Eva Moysan
Airfoil Public Relations on behalf of SAMTECH s.a.
+32 4 3616969

The new interface offers customers highly automated, seamless pre-processing, solving and post-processing using HyperWorks and SAMCEF

TROY, Mich. – October 27, 2010
Altair Engineering, Inc., a leading global provider of simulation technology and engineering services, announced today that it has integrated HyperWorks’ HyperMesh pre-processing software and HyperView post-processing software with SAMTECH’s SAMCEF software, one of the most popular finite element analysis (FEA) solver tools, in particular within Europe’s Aeronautic, Space and Defense industry. SAMTECH is a leading provider of simulation software for FEA, MBS and Optimization.
“Aeronautic, Space and Defense (ASD) companies rely extensively on our SAMCEF software for a range of FEA tasks and there is also a growing interest for SAMCEF in Automotive and Energy sectors, respectively for Vehicle, Engine and Wind Turbine Structural Dynamics,” said SAMTECH Chief Strategy Officer Didier Granville. “Our ability to integrate SAMCEF seamlessly with HyperWorks tools will provide new flexibility for our customers and demonstrates the adaptability of our software, which is renowned for providing industries with customized solutions for specific applications in multiple disciplines.”

Altair developed an interface between HyperMesh and SAMCEF, which allows HyperMesh models to be read directly by SAMCEF. SAMTECH, in turn, built an interface between SAMCEF and HyperView HyperView using H3D, Altair’s compressed binary file format. This enables SAMCEF output files to be exported in H3D format, which can be read directly by HyperView without manual translation.

“The popularity of HyperWorks among engineers across the globe derives not only from the openness, ease of use, precision, and robustness of applications, like our HyperMesh pre-processor and HyperView post-processor, but also from the simplicity of integrating with software from Altair partners,” said Altair HyperWorks Chief Technology Officer Uwe Schramm. “Using our H3D technology to link our solutions will provide customers with integrated tools to further accelerate and heighten the quality of their finite element analysis.”

Altair’s H3D file format allows HyperWorks technology to communicate easily with other software. Altair partners commonly use H3D to make their technology more user friendly to Altair’s extensive global customer base.

On Oct. 28 at Altair’s 2010 European HyperWorks Technology Conference, Ronan Pitois of Eurocopter will present, "The new HyperMesh/SAMCEF Interface at Eurocopter: Deployment and Industrial Applications, where he will discuss how Eurocopter has adopted the new interface in its product development process and how the new automated process will impact the aerospace industry. A subsidiary of European Aeronautic, Defense, and Space Company (EADS), Eurocopter is already using the integrated solution offered by Altair and SAMTECH.

SAMTECH, headquartered in Angleur-Liège, Belgium, is a leading provider of Computer Aided Engineering software. Founded in 1986, SAMTECH develops and markets the Finite Element Analysis code SAMCEF, the Multi-Disciplinary Optimization platform BOSS quattro and the Model Based Engineering Framework CAESAM. SAMCEF is an industrial general-purpose FEA software for Linear and Non-Linear Structure Analysis, Thermal Analysis and Mechanisms Structural Dynamics. These core engineering software tools answer to a wide range of industrial needs from the preliminary phases of design to the most advanced verification analyses. The software technology of SAMTECH has an unsurpassed reputation for its quality and reliability that is due to its ASD origin. It has been adopted by many major companies across all engineering disciplines as an integral part of their design process. SAMTECH is certified to ISO9001 quality standards and operates through a network of subsidiaries and representatives in key locations around the world. SAMTECH has offices throughout Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK), Asia (China and Japan) and North America (Kansas) for technical support, sales and services.

For more information on SAMTECH, please visit http://www.samtech.com.

About Altair Engineering
Altair Engineering, Inc., headquartered in Troy, Mich., empowers client innovation and decision-making through technology that optimizes the analysis, management and visualization of business and engineering information. Privately held, with more than 1,300 employees, Altair has offices throughout North America, South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. With a 25-year track record for product design, advanced engineering software, grid computing technologies and enterprise analytics solutions, Altair consistently delivers a competitive advantage to customers in a broad range of industries. To learn more, please visit www.altair.com.

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