Heavyweight simulation. Lightweight parts.

Heavyweight simulation.
Lightweight parts.

Achieving your program goals of lighter, stronger designs in less time just got a little easier. HyperWorks 12.0 has been enhanced with new capabilities created specifically for the aerospace industry, including more modeling control, greater analysis power and the optimization leadership you expect from Altair.


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Efficient Modeling of Aerospace Structures with HyperWorks

Learn how Hyperworks can take your CAE modeling into hyperdrive! From meshing, to model set up ready for optimization, to results visualization and reporting, HyperWorks can enhance your productivity while giving you the power to dramatically improve your designs.

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Altair's Solutions for Optimization and Analysis of Aerospace Structures

Learn how optimization can drive your design process for metallic and composite structures to achieve weight-efficient designs that perform.

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Learn more about Altair's best-in-class simulation tools for the aerospace industry

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Altair Enlighten's Knowledge Center - The leading knowledge source for weight reduction

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Take the guesswork out of composite design using the simulation tools in HyperWorks

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