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Formability of Sheet Metal

The objective of this 2-day course is to provide an understanding of the fundamental aspects of sheet metal stamping. It will provide insight into the manufacturing and processing of different grades of stamping quality sheet metal, characterization of sheet metal behavior during stamping and the methods for evaluating forming defects, the basic principles of stamping tool design including the stamping press actions, and the state of the art computer based approach to stamping design and analysis.

Class Format
  • 2 day
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • One student to a computer


Suggested Follow-Up

I. Manufacturing and Processing of Sheet Metal
  • Processing of steel
  • Composition and grades of steel
  • Coating systems
  • Other materials

II. Determination of Mechanical Properties of Sheet metal
  • Uniaxial tensile test
  • Other tests: draw, stretch draw

III. Basic Deformation Modes in Stamping
  • Deep drawing: nomenclature, deformation modes; stretch-flanging; stretch forming; bending

IV. Defects in Stamping
  • Splitting, thinning, wrinkling, loose metal, springback, earing, skid marks etc.

V. Tests of Formability
  • Failure Analysis with Forming Limit Diagrams (FLD)
  • basis of the forming limit curve (FLC)
  • strain paths and forming modes on the FLD
  • factors influencing the FLC
  • practical assessment of the post formed state with Circle Grid Analysis and FLC
  • Workshop

VI. Basics of Draw Die Development
  • Controlling material flow
  • Addendum and binder development
  • Other forms of process control: material gainers, take-up beads, multiple hits, blank shape and size etc.

VII. Stamping Press Actions
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic presses: nomenclature, press actions, advantages and disadvantages
  • Binder and punch tonnages
  • Effect of gravity and pre-wrap
  • Automation in the press shop: transfer presses, tandem presses

VIII.Advanced Forming Processes
  • Hydroforming, tailor welded blanks, superplastic forming, rubber forming etc.

IX.Computer Analysis of forming processes
  • Roll of CAE in Manufacturing
  • Simulation methods
  • Examples

X. Exercises, evaluation, discussion

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