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SimLab is a process oriented, feature based finite element modeling software that allows you to quickly and accurately simulate engineering behavior of complex assemblies. SimLab automates simulation- modeling tasks to reduce human errors and time spent manually creating finite element models and interpreting results.

SimLab is not a traditional off the shelf Pre and Post processing software but a vertical application development platform to capture and automate simulation processes.

Class Format
  • 2 days
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises

  • A basic knowledge of FE-Modeling,& FE Analysis applications.

  • SimLab Overview / Introduction.
  • SimLab concept and GUI.
  • Geometry Tools – Feature Identification, FEM Break.
  • Meshing, Local Mesh controls and Templates Node Matching (Congruent mesh creation)
  • Layered Elements, Penta Layer (Boundary Layer)
  • FEM Tools – Rib Creation, Logo removal, Node Numbering,
  • Modify features (Feature based morphing)
  • Contact Creation.
  • Bolt Modeling – Solid bolts with pretension,
  • RBE based Bolt connections,
  • Gasket modeling Excite - Crank shaft meshing
  • Loads and Boundary Conditions Exercise:
  • Cylinder Head Assembly
  • Meshing using Meshcontrol templates,
  • Node matching for head-seats and Head-Guides
  • Contact creation and Contact Template
  • Bolts – Structural & NVH

Suggested Follow-up Courses
  • None

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Cost: US & Canada $800.00
México- $400.00 US (por día)
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