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Introduction to AcuSolve/AcuConsole

This is an introductory course using AcuSolve/AcuConsole for CFD Analysis

Course Format

2 day
Instructor led
Presentation and hands-on exercises, one student to a computer


  • What is AcuSolve?
  • AcuSolve Features
  • AcuSolve Details
  • What is AcuConsole?
  • AcuConsole Demo
  • Workshop #1 - Mesh and Solve a Simple Conjugate Heat Transfer Problem in a Pipe
  • Post Processing
  • Workshop #2 - Reference Frame Analysis of a Notional Blower (Mesh, Setup, Run)
  • Input File Review
  • Workshop #3 - Convert a Reference Frame Case to a Sliding Mesh Case (Time History Points)
  • AcuSolve Programs
  • Solver Commands
  • Workshop #4 - Compressible Nozzle - Variable Properties, Package Mesh, Surface Manager, Absolute Pressure/Temperature Offset
  • AcuSolve Mesh Files
  • AcuSolve Output
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Workshop #5 - Flow Past Cylinder Moving in a Rigid Body Motion Using NBCs to Scale Mesh Motion
  • Solution Strategy
  • Workshop #6 - Flow Past a Flexible Circular Ring, FSI Based on Modal Analysis Job Restart
  • Heat Transfer Modeling
  • Work Shop #7 - Natural Convection Between Two Cylinders Turbulence Modeling
  • Workshop #8 - Honey in Tea, Scalar Transport of Second Species

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Cost: $800.00

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