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Stamping simulation to check manufacturing feasibility using Altair Inspire Form

Day 1

Introduction to Metal Forming Analysis

  • Introduction to forming process
  • Sheet metal forming operations
  • Material behaviour
  • Defects in sheet metal forming

Inspire Form Get Started

  • GUI and mouse controls
  • Settings and preferences
  • Recommended workflows

Create and Modify Geometry

  • Sketch tools
  • Surface and solid creation and editing

Feasibility Analysis

  • Analyze results
  • Run analysis
  • Define material
  • Setup model
  • Prepare geometry



Day 2

Modify and rerun feasibility analysis

  • Create User Material
  • Modify design and Re-run Feasibility analysis
  • Post processing results

Material Utilization Analysis

  • Blank Fit
  • Blank Nesting

 Tryout Analysis

  • Setup model for standard forming operations (Gravity, Draw Forming, Flange, Trim, Springback, Crash Forming, Custom)
  • Define tool position and tool motion
  • Specify Binder force
  • Customize forming process with additional tools (pad, drawbead, pins, cams)
  • Assemble standard operations to create Multistage Forming Process for transfer and progressive dies
  • Run analysis
  • Analyze results
  • Publish Report
  • Die Compensation for springback

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