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HyperView/HyperGraph Introduction

Altair HyperView is a universal tool for the evaluation of CAE results. Different kind of results can be used, they can come from finite element analysis (FEA), multi-body simulation (MBS), digital video file or even engineering data such as measurements. Both results from the implicit calculation, but also from explicit (for example crash), occupant or airbag simulations can be extensively evaluated and evaluated: for this you can simply read in, manipulate, animate, plot and compare results.


  • Presentation of CAE animations
  • Evaluation of stress tensor, stress components and reference stress
  • Evaluation of modal analyzes, both real or complex numbers (eigenvalue analysis, complex eigenvalue analysis, frequency response analysis)
  • Evaluation of transient analyzes (e.g. crash, multibody system)
  • Derivation of curve plots based on the animation evaluation
  • Generation of curve plots, curve manipulations in HyperGraph
  • Presentation of results
  • Powerpoint export

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