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HyperMesh – Volume Structures

Altair HyperMesh is a solver-independent finite element pre- and postprocessor. HyperMesh has established itself as one of the most important pre- and postprocessors in the world and is used in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering industries. Interfaces to all major CAD programs and many relevant solvers make HyperMesh a universally applicable tool. Geometry cleanup and mesh generation are generally time-consuming components of an FE analysis. The reliable mastering of the necessary tools offers enormous savings potential. During a 1-day seminar, you will learn how to efficiently use the various functionalities in HyperMesh in the areas of geometry cleaning, preparation and volume meshing. The following topics will be discussed and trained in a practice-oriented manner:

  • Summary of the essential aspects of CAD data import and topology recognition/editing (geometry cleanup)
  • Variants of tetrahedral meshing
  • Subsequent modification or working on tetrahedron models
  • Working techniques based on volume geometry (solids)
  • Introduction to hexahedral meshing
  • Discussion of meshing strategies
  • Verification and correction of mesh quality and compatibility

HyperMesh Basic knowledge

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