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HyperMesh – Thin-walled Structures

Altair HyperMesh is one of the worlds best established, solver independant Finite Element pre- and postprocessor and is used in mechanical engineering, aerospace as well as automobile industry. By having interfaces to all important CAD programs as well as most relevant solvers, HyperMesh is well known to be an all-purpose pre-processor.

As geometry cleanup and mesh generation are time consuming components of an FE analysis, a good know-how of the necessary functionalities offers tremendous time saving potential.

Within a one-day training you learn about the numerous functionalities HyperMesh offers in the field of efficiently generating, editing and meshing of midsurfaces but also advanced techniques of geometry cleanup, batchmeshing and 1D connections.

The following topics will be taught on real-life examples:

  • Deriving midsurfaces from solid geometries
  • Techniques to efficiently create and modify shell meshes
  • Possibilities of seam weld modelling

HyperMesh Basic Knowledge

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