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HyperMath Introduction

Introduction to ScriptView and HyperMath

This is an introductory class which covers the ScriptView Interface (GUI for HyperMath) and the basics of the HyperMath language. ScriptView is a developmental environment which contains a set of tools designed for creating scripts. HyperMath is an interpreted scripting language coupled with a set of libraries designed for numerical coding. It allows for rapid numerical code development with minimal effort. The class begins with the basics of HyperMath and concludes with its applications and integration with other HyperWorks products.

Note: Online Sessions meet for 2 hours per day for 3 days.

Course Format
  • 1 day (8 Hours)
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises, one student to a computer
  • Previous scripting experience recommended (not required)
  • Introduction
    • ScriptView GUI Authoring Mode
    • HyperMath Language Description
    • Data Types
    • Expressions Control Structures
    • Functions
    • Vectors and Matrix Operations
    • Plotting
    • Batch Mode with Arguments
  • Input/Output
    • Reading & Writing Files
    • Reading Any Delimiting File
    • Reading Files From Other HyperWorks Products
    • String Library
  • Applications
    • Tutorial - Script Debugging
    • Tutorial - Material Fitting
    • Tutorial - Filters (Signal Processing)
    • Tutorial - Solve Dynamic Response Index Solution (NATO Blast)
    • Tutorial - Optimization
    • Utility Functions - Length, Size,Find, Any, All, Gt, Lt, sum
      • Tutorial - Nikkesh Demo, Use Utility Functions to Reduce Time
  • HyperWorks Integration
    • TCL Debugging
    • HG Curve Reader
    • DRESP3
    • HyperStudy Integration
Suggested Follow-up Courses

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Cost: $400.00
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