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ONLINE Introduction to HyperLife

HyperLife Overview


HyperLife is an easy-to-learn fatigue analysis software developed on a solver-neutral framework. It provides a comprehensive toolset for durability analysis, directly interfacing with all the major finite element analysis (FEA) results files. With an embedded material library, HyperLife enables prediction of fatigue life under repetitive loadings experienced in a wide range of industrial applications.

Class Format

  • Online, Instructor led
  • 5 sessions, each 2 hours from 1 - 3 PM EDT


Detailed Course Agenda


  1. Fatigue Process Overview & Introduction to HyperLife
    • What is HyperLife
    • Fatigue Process Overview
    • Getting Started with HyperLife
    • HyperLife Workflow


  1. Basic Concepts in Fatigue Analysis
    • Fatigue Phenomenon
    • Factors Affecting Fatigue Life
    • Main Approaches to Fatigue Life Evaluation (SN, EN)
    • Basic concepts in Fatigue Analysis


  1. High Cycle Fatigue (S-N)
    • High Cycle Fatigue – Stress-Life (SN) Approach
    • Stress-Life (SN) in HyperLife
    • Stress-Life (SN) – Uniaxial
    • Stress-Life (SN) – Multiaxial


  1. Low Cycle Fatigue (E-N)
    • Low Cycle Fatigue – Strain-Life (EN) Approach
    • Strain-Life (EN) in HyperLife
    • Strain-Life (EN) – Uniaxial
    • Strain-Life (EN) – Multiaxial


  1. Factor of Safety Analysis
    • Dang Van Criteria & FoS
    • FoS Analysis in HyperLife


  1. Weld Fatigue Analysis
    • Seam Weld Fatigue
    • Spot Weld Fatigue


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