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Optistruct Acoustics and Vibration

Optimization using OptiStruct

This is an advanced course for using OptiStruct for Acoustic and Vibrational analysis. Students will learn basic principles of dynamic analyses and how these problems can be modeled in FEA. 

Class Format

  • 3 days
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • One student to a computer

HyperMesh Introduction
OptiStruct for Linear Analysis
Optistruct for Linear Dynamics


  1. Altair Overview
  1. Review of Basic Dynamics in FEA
    • Basic Dynamics Concepts
    • Acoustic Representation
    • Responses
    • Damping
    • Modal Analysis
    • Frequency Response Analysis
    • Dynamic Analyses Summary
  1. Reducing Dynamic Analysis Solution Time
    • Processing: SMP and SMPD
    • Algorithm: LANCZOS, AMSES, and FASTFRS
    • Modelling: Superelements
  1. Transient Analysis
    • Types of Transient Analysis
    • Direct Transient Analysis
    • Modal Transient Analysis
    • Fourier Transient Analysis
    • Common Guidelines for Transient Analysis
  1. Random Response Analysis
    • Dynamic Analysis and Random Response
    • Random Response in OptiStruct
    • Inputs for Random Response Analysis
    • Autocorrelation Function
    • Post-Processing Random Response
    • Random Response Outputs
    • Random Response Best Practices
  1. Brake Squeal and Complex Eigen Analysis
  1. Acoustics in OptiStruct
    • Introduction to Acoustics
    • Acoustics in Engineering
    • General Equations
    • Use of Coupled Modes
    • Fluid Acoustic Absorber Elements
    • Acoustic Cavity Meshing
    • Infinite Elements Theory
    • Loads
    • Poro-elastic Materials (BIOT Theory)
    • Equivalent Radiated Power (ERP)
    • Summary of Acoustic Capabilities
  1. Advanced Linear Dynamics Modeling
    • Preloading and Pretension
    • Preloading and Transient Response
    • Preloading for CMS Reduction
    • Operating Deformed Structure Analysis
    • Virtual Fluid Mass (MFLUID)
    • Frequency-Dependent Springs and Dampers
    • Non-Structural Mass
    • Frequency Response Loading
    • Out-Of-Balance Loading
  1. Noise and Vibration Analysis Tools
    • PEAKOUT Card in OptiStruct
    • Modal Participation
    • Grid Participation
    • Design Sensitivity
    • Energy Distribution
    • Transfer Path Analysis
    • Order Analysis
    • Model Correlation
    • Radiated Sound
    • Integrated Diagnostics
  1. Advanced Optimization for Dynamic Modeling
    • Optimization Disciplines Summary
    • Overview of Optimization with OptiStruct
    • The DRCO Approach
    • Optimization Responses for NVH and Dynamics
    • OptiStruct Optimization Examples using Dynamic Analysis

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