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Advanced HyperForm Solutions

Advanced HyperForm Solutions

 This is an advanced HyperForm class for manufacturing process engineers and CAE analysts on topics beyond traditional sheet metal forming simulation such as tube bending and hydroforming, hot stamping, and composite forming. In addition, you will learn about automatic setup of optimization of forming processes to maximize part quality by iterating on blank shape, trim line, blank holder and drawbead forces through a seamless interface with HyperMorph and HyperStudy.

Class Format

  • 1 day
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises

Prerequisites: Familiarity with HyperForm (Familiarity with RADIOSS is beneficial)

Description:  Students will pick 3 categories of interest when they register, and the class will be customized to cover a total of 4-5 topics of greatest interest.

  1. Hot Stamping
    • Forming
    • Quenching
  2. Composite Forming
    • Sandwich Composites
    • Multi-Layer Composites
  3. Thick Blanks
    • Forming
    • Ironing
  4. Tube Bending
    • Model Creation
    • Problem Setup
  5. Hydroforming
    • Tube Hydroforming
    • Sheet Hydroforming
  6. Die Design Module
    • Prepare geometry (Flange removal, fill holes and cutouts)
    • Create Binder
    • Create Parametric Addendum
    • Create Punch and Blankholder
  7. Process Optimization
    • Blank shape and trim line optimization
    • Minimize splits and wrinkles
    • Reduce springback effects

Cost: $400
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