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Introduction to HyperForm

Introduction to HyperForm

HyperForm is a comprehensive finite-element based sheet metal forming simulation framework combining an extremely fast one-step solver and a highly scalable and accurate incremental forming solver with the geometry and meshing capabilities of HyperMesh. This is an introductory class for sheet metal forming simulation with HyperForm for design engineers, manufacturing process engineers, and CAE analysts. In the first segment you will work hands-on with HyperForm One Step module for early formability analysis followed by blank nesting for material utilization. Next, using HyperForm Incremental module you will learn to perform detailed incremental analysis of single and multi-stage stamping processes based on available die designs to predict forming defects such as splits, wrinkles and springback.


Class Format

  • 1 day
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises


  1. Step Analysis
    • Prepare geometry
    • Mesh part
    • Define material
    • Setup model
    • Run analysis
    • Analyze results
    • Publish Report
    • Blank Fit
    • Blank Nesting
    • Batch processes for Feasibility, Nesting and Results Initialization 
  1. Incremental Analysis
    • Prepare geometry
    • Mesh blank and tools
    • Define material
    • Auto setup standard forming operations (Gravity, Draw Forming, Flange, Trim, Springback, Crash Forming, Custom)
    • Specify Binder force
    • Run analysis
    • Analyze results
    • Setup user defined processes
    • Assemble standard and user defined operations to create Multistage Forming Processes for transfer and progressive dies
    • Publish Report
    • Die compensation

Cost: $400
Upcoming Dates
December 12, 2019
USA, Troy, MI English
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