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Introduction to Inspire Form

Introduction to Inspire Form

Inspire Form makes it possible to improve sheet product design and manufacturing process while reducing lead time for sheet metal parts by enabling early consideration of formability, process parameters, material utilization, and cost. This is an introductory class for sheet metal forming simulation with Inspire Form intended for design engineers, manufacturing process engineers, and CAE analysts. In the first segment you will work hands-on with Inspire Form Feasibility module for early formability analysis and blank nesting for material utilization. Next, using Inspire Form Tryout module you will learn to perform detailed incremental analysis of single and multi-stage stamping processes based on available die designs to predict forming defects and iterate on process conditions to improve part quality.

Class Format

  • 1 day
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises


  1.  Introduction to Metal Forming Analysis
    • Introduction to forming process
    • Sheet metal forming operations
    • Material behaviour
    • Defects in sheet metal forming
  2.  Inspire Form Get Started
    • Overview
    • GUI and mouse controls
    • Settings and preferences
    • Recommended workflows
  3.  Create and Modify Geometry
    • Sketch tools
    • Surface and solid creation and editing
  4.  Feasibility Analysis
    • Publish report
    • Analyze results
    • Run analysis
    • Define material
    • Setup model
    • Prepare geometry
  5. Material Utilization Analysis
    • Blank Fit
    • Blank Nesting
  6.  Tryout Analysis
    • Define Blank and Material
    • Setup model for standard forming operations (Gravity, Draw Forming, Flange, Trim, Springback, Crash Forming, Custom)
      • Define tool position and tool motion
      • Specify Binder force
    • Customize forming process with additional tools (pad, drawbead, pins, cams)
    • Assemble standard operations to create Multistage Forming Process for transfer and progressive dies
    • Run analysis
    • Analyze results
    • Publish Report
    • Die Compensation for springback

Cost: $400
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