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HyperMesh Introduction (2-day)

Pre-Processing for Finite Element Analysis

This is an introductory course for using HyperMesh to create and set up finite element models for analysis. A combination of lectures and exercises will familiarize students to the HyperMesh environment, process, and suite of tools needed to start using HyperMesh in their work. Includes a second day which will give an introduction to HyperView for Post-Processing.

Course Format

  • 2 day
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises, one student to a computer
  • A basic knowledge of finite element analysis (recommended).
  • Basic interaction with HyperMesh
    • User interface
    • Opening/saving files
    • Working with panels
    • Model organization
    • Display control
  • Shell meshing
    • Automeshing – meshing on surface geometry
    • Checking and editing mesh
    • Batch meshing
  • Preparing models for analysis
    • Creating boundary conditions
    • Formatting for solvers
  • Preparing geometry for meshing
    • Repairing surface topology
    • Midsurfaces
    • Defeaturing models
    • Refining surface topology
  • Creating hexa and penta mesh
    • Creating & editing solid geometry
    • Creating hex mesh with the solid map panel
  • Tetra meshing
    • Method 1 – standard tetramesh
    • Method 2 – volume tetramesh
    • Method 3 – quick tetramesh
  • Assemblies: welding and swapping parts
    • Spot connectors
    • Area conectors
    • Bolt connectors
    • Part replacement
Suggested Follow-up Courses
  • HyperView Introduction
  • HyperMorph Introduction

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Cost: $800.00

*Wichita, KS location is complimentary México- $400.00 US (por día)
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