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Coustyx Basic Training Course

1-Day Physical Training in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Coustyx is a next generation analysis software that integrates Advanced Boundary Element formulations with Fast Multipole Method to yield fast, accurate solutions to very large problems in acoustics, across a wide frequency range.

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ANSOL is offering custom training for Altair customers of their Coustyx software.

Training Agenda

Morning Session - Part 1

  • Acoustic Basics Review
  • Coustyx Quick Start
    • Brief Introduction
    • Sample Applications
    • Engine Acoustic Radiation
    • Disk Acoustic Radiation
  • Model Setup Basics
    • Multidomain vs. Indirect
    • Units & Conventions
    • User Interface
    • Structures
    • Materials
    • Planes
    • Interfaces
    • Boundary Mesh
    • Boundary Conditions
    • Domains
    • Pre-processing
    • Analysis Sequence
    • Post-processing/Outputs

Afternoon Session - Part 2

  • Theory & Background
    • BEM
    • FMM
    • Formulations
  • Scripting
    • API functions
    • Syntax
    • Command line options
  • More Example Walkthroughs
  • Q & A
    • Feedback & Suggestions

Who should attend?

Product Design Engineers with a focus of acoustic performance (noise reduction, muffler transmission loss, cabin noise etc)


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Total Physical Memory: 16 GB
OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
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