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WinProp - Automotive Applications (1 Day)


WinProp is a powerful tool for the wave propagation and radio network planning. WinProp includes sophisticated wave propagation models for various scenarios (incl. rural, urban, indoor, tunnel) and network planning modules for almost all air interfaces (incl. GSM, UMTS, LTE, WLAN, …). The propagation models are valid in a wide frequency range including all relevant frequency bands of the mentioned air interfaces. Simulated and measured antennas can be considered in the environment simulation. So WinProp is perfectly suited for automotive applications (Car2Car, Car2X, Automotive Radar, Virtual Drive Test, and more …). 

Class Format & Released Material

The training is composed by 1 day
- Instructor led
- Presentation and hands-on exercises
- One trainee to a computer
- Time table: 9:00 AM – 5:00PM (including lunch)
- Each participant will receive a USB drive containing presentations/manuals, demo files, and an attendance certificate.

This course is intended for participants with no or minimal previous exposure to WinProp. It is mainly for automotive applications, but users who would like to learn about the basics and workflow of WinProp would also find the first half of the course very helpful.

  • Introduction and Live Demonstration 
  • Propagation Analysis in Urban Scenario
    • AMan
      • Generation and visualization of antenna patterns (from data sheets, measured or simulated data)
    • WallMan
      • Create/Import/Edit geometry databases
    • ProMan Propogation & Network Planning
      • Handling of propagation and network projects
      • Project settings & parameters
      • Definition of network parameters (air interface) 
  • Virtual Drive Test for Antenna Evaluation
    • Propagation parameters
    • Network parameters (incl. SNIR, Throughput, …) 
  • Time Variance
    • Vehicle-to-X
    • Vehicle-to-Vehicle 
  • Automotive RADAR
    • Result parameters (incl. received radar power, Doppler shift, delay, …) 
  • MIMO in Network Planning 
  • MIMO through Post Processing 
  • Discussion



Cost: $500
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