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Introduction to SimSolid



The objective of the training class is to provide knowledge of Altair® SimSolid for structural analysis. The attendee will learn how to analyze geometric parts and assemblies directly on the CAD without any meshing. Importing the geometry, creating connections, assigning materials, loads and boundary conditions for structural analysis. 
This course, by using different models, will build different types of analysis like linear statics and normal modes with an in-depth handling of connections like contacts and welds. 

Class Format & Released Material
- The training is composed of only 1 day
- Instructor Led
- Presentation and hands-on exercises
- One student to computer
- Each participant will receive USB drives containing manuals in pdf format & demo files

Potential attendees & Prerequisites:
Potential Users: The training is advisable for designers, performance engineers and FEM analysts who need quick solutions during product development with accuracy and ease of use; Enjoy the benefits of the numerical simulation 
Prerequisites: Very basic understanding of analysis methods may be helpful, but not mandatory. Suggested: basic knowledge of FE method concepts. 

Topics (1day):

  • Altair SimSolid Introduction
    • Methodology, Comparisons with FEA, Biggest Advantages, Best Practices, Technology Steps
  • User Interface
    • Mouse Controls, Toolbars, Project Files
  • Processing Design Geometry
    • Supported CAD
    • CAD vs STL
    • Review Parts, Suppressing / hiding parts
    • Geometry defects, Geometry settings
  • Modal Analysis
    • Materials, Loads & Boundary Conditions
    • Modal Analysis: solution, animation and results
  • Connections
    • Connections and Contact Conditions
  • Structural Linear Analysis
    • Materials, Loads & Boundary Conditions
    • Linear Analysis: solution, animation and results
  • Post-Processing
    • Reviewing and presenting results
  • Design Studies
    • Design variants & comparisons of performance

Cost: $500
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