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CAEfatigue VIBRATION Online Training

Fatigue and Dynamic Analysis of CAE Based System:
Theory and Practical Examples using CAEfatigue VIBRATION

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to understand more about random response and fatigue analysis methods. The course is also relevant to design situations where dynamic (vibration) response may be important and so there may be a link between fatigue issues and the dynamic behavior. Because both fundamental principles and the most recent technical developments will be presented the course is applicable to both the graduate engineer wanting to learn more – and the senior engineer wanting to know what the state of the art methods are today. The course will give a basic overview of fatigue evaluation methods – but from a quite unconventional perspective (concept rather than equation driven). No prior knowledge in these fields is required to attend the course. The latest developments in the field will also be presented and example will be run using CAEfatigue VIBRATION.

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NOTE: This virtual course is offered for 3 hours per day over 4 days.

Training Agenda

Day 1 and Day 2

Fatigue, Dynamics and CAE Integration

  • History of Fatigue Methods and their Integration into CAE Environment
  • The Concept of FE Based Fatigue Analysis
  • Background to Dynamics for Fatigue Analysis
  • Background to Stress Based / Strain Based Fatigue Analysis
  • Material Considerations
  • Loading Considerations
  • Questions and Answers

Day 2 and Day 3

Vibration Fatigue and Simulation Examples

  • Recap of Vibration Fatigue
  • Introduction to Vibration Environments - Random verses Deterministic
  • Introduction to the Transfer Function - FFTs and PSDs
  • The need for Gaussian, Random and Stationary Data
  • Example: Single Input Random PSD Loading
  • Example: Mixed Loading - Random and Deterministic
  • Example: Multi Input Random PSD Loading
  • Questions and Answers

Who Should Attend?

Engineers and/or Designers working on durability and fatigue for mechanical systems.

Please note that on-site training is currently offered for France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and USA. All other countries will have virtual training. Click here, to sign up for on-site CAEfatigue VIBRATION training. 

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