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KTex Family Physical Training

KTex Family simulates composite processes, automatically calculates mechanical properties of a given weave, and generates associated cards for RADIOSS and OptiStruct. KTex Family consists of 4 modules: KTex Pattern, KTex LayUp, KTex Winding and KTex Woven Properties.

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This training is a 2-day course, designed to familiarize engineers with KTex Family software tools and their usage in composite processes. This training provides basic knowledge of composite materials (using matrix and weave) and capability of software to represent the process in simulation.

Sample Training Agenda - Day 1

  • Basic theory of weaving looms and weaving processes
  • Representation of weaves with KTex Pattern
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical properties for composites
  • Define material law with KTex Woven Property
  • Working Exercises
Sample Training Agenda - Day 2
  • Basic knowledge of weave loom, weave lay up and composite processes
  • Simulation with KTex LayUp
  • Basic knowledge of winding process
  • Simulation with KTex Winding
  • Working Exercises

Who should attend?
This training would be beneficial to process engineers and designers who need to model composite materials precisely at the sale of the yarns.


Above: Illustration of the composite optimization process available with KTex Family.

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