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MotionView/MotionSolve Intro

This is an introductory course for solving MBD problems using HyperWorks and includes constructing, solving and post-processing multi-body dynamic (MBD) problems.

Class Format
  • 3 Days
  • Instructor led
  • Presentation and hands-on exercises
  • One student to a computer



  • Become familiar with the Altair HyperWorks graphical user interface
  • Pre-processing and Solving
    • Interactive model building
    • CAD Import and Contact Simulation
    • Flexible Body Generation and Flexible Body Dynamics Simulation
    • Advanced Flexible reduction techniques
    • Access Altair® HyperStudy from MotionView to do optimization and design of experiments on an MBD model
    • Automatic model building using assembly and task wizards
    • MBD Model editing and checking
    • Perform linear analysis on MBD models using MotionSolve Linear
    • Submit XML input files to MotionSolve and adjust solver parameters
  • Post-processing
    • Animate transient and modal results
    • Animate Rigid and Flexible Body Simulation Results
    • Build and edit curves
    • Create and use pre-defined plot macros
    • Create report templates to automate post-processing
    • Create result reports with HTML, Hyper3D, JPEG, and AVI files
    • Visualize and share CAE results over the Internet using the freely available Altair HyperView Player.

Suggested Follow-up Courses
  • MotionView MDL

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Cost: $1,200

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