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Multiscale Designer

Multiscale Designer is an accurate and efficient tool for development of multiscale material models and simulation of parts manufactured from any heterogeneous material; including, but not limited to, continuous and chopped fiber composites, honeycomb cores, lattice structures, reinforced concrete, soil, bones, etc... Applications include multiscale material modeling for design, ultimate failure assessment, statistical-based material allowables, creep, fatigue, fracture, and impact simulations; and provides user material plugins to commercial FEA solvers, Optistruct, RADIOSS, LS-DYNA, and Abaqus, for the simulation of any part using multiscale material models.

In this course you will learn how to;
  • Develop predictive multiscale material models for continuous (unidirectional and woven) and chopped (short and long) reinforced material product forms with minimal experimental tests
  • Built-in parametric unit cells library for standard material product forms and external unit cell modeling for “effects of defects” and nonstandard material product forms
  • Simulate heterogeneous material behavior in the elastic and inelastic regime including ultimate failure for all product forms
  • Mapping fiber orientation tensor results from a molding simulation or CT scan of injection molded parts in the multiscale material model
  • Perform virtual material allowables supported by test for standard specimens using the stochastics module and multiscale material model ultimate failure prediction
  • Use the Multiscale Designer plugins to commercial FEA codes OptiStruct and RADIOSS for implementing multiscale material models within any linear or nonlinear part simulation
2 day course
  • Day 1: Multiscale Overview and Multiscale Material Model Development for Continuous Reinforced Material Product Forms
  • Day 2: Multiscale Material Model Development for Chopped Reinforced Material Product Forms (including Mapping of Fiber Orientations + Simulation within OptiStruct and RADIOSS utilizing Multiscale Material Models

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