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ONLINE Optistruct Linear Analysis

OptiStruct for Linear Analysis

Cost: FREE

This course will show students how to solve Linear FEA problems using the software Hypermesh and Basic FEA. Students will learn the basic steps to set up a FEA problem, the important aspects to consider in setting up a FEA problem, and how to interpret the results. The training will focus on understanding how to solve structural problems using a high level finite element solver, the theoretical and practical aspects of these problems are presented to provide the attendees a very good base to start using OptiStruct on their own models. 


Class Format

    • Online, Instructor led
    • 5 days — each session being 2 hours from 1 – 3 PM (EST)
    • Presentation and hands-on exercises


Introduction to HyperMesh (Recommended)


  • Hand editing the cards without a preprocessor
  • Submitting jobs and reviewing the results files from OptiStruct
  • Debugging models
  • Creating materials, properties, components & boundary conditions
  • Model organization in HyperMesh
  • Submitting jobs from HyperMesh
  • Bending and torsion of a channel bracket assembly
  • Thermal stress analysis of a printed circuit board
  • Modal Analysis
  • Inertia relief Analysis
  • Buckling Analysis

Suggested Follow-up Courses

    • OptiStruct for Non Linear Analysis
    • OptiStruct for Optimization

Upcoming Dates
August 10, 2020
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