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Initiation to FLUX

This is an introductory session to modeling low frequency electromagnetic devices and processes with FLUX. Through the modeling of simple devices, you will discover the process to define, solve and analyze static, AC and transient problem for magnetic field, electric field and thermal problems. This discovery of Flux will feature hands on sessions almost exclusively.


The goal is to discover Flux: limited to 2D/Axisymmetric topologies

  • Environment/Preprocessing
    • Geometry, Mesh
    • Parameterization
    • Materials
  • Physics
    • Electrostatics
    • Thermal
    • Magnetotatics
    • Steady State AC
    • Transient Magnetics
  • Postprocessing
    • Local quantities, maps, lines, vectors
    • Forces, torque
    • Eddy currents
    • Inductance
  • External circuit
  • Motion
    • Multiposition
    • Constant speed
    • Mechanical coupling
    • Translating motion


Upcoming Dates
April 8 -10, 2019
USA, Troy, MI English
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