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Initiation to FLUX

Motor Design – Leveraging the power of Altair HyperWorks multiphysics environment with Flux, FluxMotor and HyperStudy.

This training is based on the design of a PM motor. Discover the process and workflow of designing motors from a set of initial specifications to the complete characterization of the machine through an optimization process in a multiphysics enable environment.

This course provides plenty of hands on opportunities.



April 8, 2019: Discover motor design with FluxMotor.

Topics will include Evluating Topolgy (pole/slots count, type of magnets, structure), Winding Design (winding scheme, wire size, number of strangds), Materials (lamination, magnets), and Characterization (non load, peak power point). Efficiency Maps and Duty Cycle will also be discussed.

April 9, 2019: Using Altair Flux for a complete design evaulation

Topics will include Constant Speed at Peak Power (magnet losses, rotor losses, airgap forces), Effect of Current Harmonics on losses (PWM), Evaluation of a Demagnetization Field (short circuit), Eccentricity (unbalanced rotor), as well as System Simulation using both Flux and Activate.

April 10, 2019: Optimizing designs using Hyperstudy with Fluxmotor / Flux

Attendees will learn to use Hyperstudy to optimize motor design by coupling Hyperstudy with FluxMotor and Flux. Topics will include torque ripple minimization, magnet weight minimization, effeciency maximization at peak power point, and evaluating efficiency over a complete torque speed range.

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