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HyperMesh and HyperWorks Desktop Customization (Online

    Cost: FREE

    This training is focused on the basic topics to understand how to customize and automate HyperMesh, HyperView and HyperGraph processes. Using TCL/Tk, this class will help you to create scripts and coding quickly.

    Note: Online sessions meet 9am - 1pm for 3 days.

    Class Format
    • 3 half days (online course)
    • Instructor Led
    • Presentation and hands-on exercises
    • One student to a computer

    HyperMesh Introduction HyperGraph Introduction HyperView Introduction

  • TCL Structures
  • HyperMesh Macros
  • Using TCL to Control the HyperMesh Session
  • Interacting with the HyperMesh Entities
  • Retrieving Data from HyperMesh Entities
  • Interaction with HyperMesh Solver Templates
  • Access and Update a Card Image
  • HyperWorks Desktop Environment
  • Command Layer Explored
  • Manipulating the Animation Client
  • Applying Results and Querying Results in the Animation Client
  • Manipulating the Plotting Client with a basic introduction to Templex

Suggested Follow-up Courses
  • None

Cost: Free
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