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Managing and Optimizing PBS Professional within a HPC environment with Using PBS Portal Applications

Five days of Managing and Optimizing PBS Professional within a HPC environment PBS Professional is a workload management system that provides a unified batch queuing and job management interface to a set of computing resources. PBS Professional is an ideal solution for customers who need consistent job submission and monitoring, want automated staging of input and return of output files, and more importantly seek security and reliability for their workload. We will discuss in depth various PBS scheduling policies, and observe how they work using the lab exercises provided. Students will complete the class with a better understanding of how PBS Professional works and how to optimize their HPC complex.

Day One:
We will start with the basics of workload management and an overview of PBS Professional. Students will have the opportunity to install PBS, query Altair licenses, and go over the PBS directory structure. The second half of the day, we will explore different methods for submitting PBS jobs, and query jobs using basic and advanced techniques.

Day Two:
Day two will start with configuring each of the PBS components. Students will learn PBS features and details of scheduling policies. Students will have the opportunity to work through lab exercises to better understand how PBS features work.

Day Three:
For day three, we will focus on techniques for site-specific customization, such as writing hooks, configuring failover, using custom resources, and limiting resource usage.

Day Four:
PBS Professional has evolved over the past two decades, and now has many new and powerful features. Over the past few years, PBS has provided site administrators with a powerful new plugin framework. PBS Plugins are scripts written in Python, providing sites with more control and flexibility in managing PBS jobs. PBS Plugins allow sites to perform job submission filtering such as setting resource limits per job, and accepting or rejecting jobs based on requested resources. Plugins can be used for health checks and advanced site-specific customization.

Students in this course will first learn the fundamentals of PBS Plugins and how to write them using the Python scripting language. We will show each student step by step how to construct Plugins, from the simplest form up to advanced capability. Moreover, students will be provided with a workshop machine they can use to create their own effective PBS Plugins scripts.

Day Five:
This class will focus on the new upcoming PBS portal products that allows administrator to monitor and configure their PBS Pro application. In addition, end users can use PBS Access to submit, query, and launch jobs via thru a web application interface.

Class Format
  • 5 days (The start time is 9:00 AM and end time is 5:00 PM)
  • Instructor led
  • Hands-on exercises, one student to a computer
A basic knowledge of Linux/UNIX operation system is required.

Manish Amin

Cost: $1500
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